Jolla1 backup compatibility in xperia 10?

can i upload old backup of jolla1 in sony xperia 10?


Probably not. Jolla backuo is not compatible between different OS version. So when you have 3.4 on your Jolla 1 and 4.1 on your Xperia you should do it manually.

ok. thank you


Are you sure?
I thought the general way of backup did not change, so it should be compatible.
I do remember some trouble with defaultuser/Nemo (symlinking sufficed) and some other with using other bash (or compression?).
But there was a discussion about it (here on FSO), right?
(second problem needed some manual extraction and manual import?)

From time to time something is changing in OS and it’s backup.
From my experience it’s compatible between the same OS version but between different OS version not always.

Maybe something changed in the newest OS versions.