Jolla Store lost communication with server

Hello, i need help with my Jolla Store because i can not update existing apps and either download new ones.
Hope someone can help with this.

No problems here.
I sometimes see this if i leave the app open when switching from cellular to WiFi.
It fixes itself after a while, or if i’m in a hurry i can always restart networking in Sailfish Utilities.

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Does “Settings > Accounts > Jolla” show “Account status Active”?

What does happen, after which exact steps performed?

Is "Jolla Store lost communication with server an error message somewhere, or your summary?

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No problem on Jolla store here.

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Yes it says Active.

It is showed whem I try to update my apps from Jolla Store.
Also today i noticed Phone app doesn’t open. It is so strange because the last time i was using this phone as a daily was like 2 months ago(Xperia XA2) and I had to replace the battery but now it is making these bugs.

I tried to restart everything from Utilities and no solution so fare.