Jolla C update to SF failed, need factory image

My Jolla C device is stuck while updating to Sailfish OS
I tried to reset the device via recovery, but it failed:

ALL DATA WILL BE ERASED! Clears everything from the device and reverts the
software back to factory state. This means LOSING EVERYTHING you have added to
the device (e.g. updates, apps, accounts, contacts, photos and other media).
Are you really SURE? [y/N] y
2 logical volume(s) in volume group “sailfish” now active
Tue Jul 19 06:37:04 UTC 2022

Type your devicelock code and press [ENTER] key:
(please note that the typed numbers won’t be shown for security reasons)
[OK] Code accepted.
0 logical volume(s) in volume group “sailfish” now active
sh: /sys/class/block/mmcblk0p10: unknown operand
sh: /sys/class/block/mmcblk0p10: unknown operand
md5sum: WARNING: 1 of 1 computed checksums did NOT match
[ERROR] Factory reset failed.

It seems I need a factory image to reflash the device via fastboot, can anyone share with me?

Have you checked here for what devices applicable?