Is there any news about Sailfish and Xperia 10 III?

Last year Jolla announced that we can expect the adaption to 10 III early 2022. We know the team is busy so delays are understandable.Yet it would be nice to get more info about the new release. Do you have any idea when this release will be ready?

There is an emulator in the sdk… Your question delayed the release for one more week, if rumors are true!

Never mind, ‘early 2022’ can also mean in a few months.That’s ok. Yet it is good to know when approximately because I don’t always have the opportunity to flash.

Xperia 10 iii expectation setting for USA users- the 10 iii has poor band compatibility with US carriers. If you’re in the US consider the 10 ii or push for adaption to 1 ii, 5 ii, 1 iii or 5 iii. Many of these are also certified for VoLTE in the USA and therefore will not have IMS registration issues when SFOS ofono can support IMS registration and SIP calling.


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They look good for the UK tho: