Is possible to see notifications in lock screen while not having device lock in use?

i will love to be able to see the notifications in lock screen so I dont need to unlock it to see the notifications. is it possible?? using 4.2 in x10II

What you really want to see?
Contetnt of message?
You already have small icons on lock screen. Which shows how many notifications you have and from which apps.

You are right that notifications from sms and calls and so on , pops up a small icon. But not for the apps from android. Is that possible?

For sure there was a patch for that.

I cant find it. Do you know it?

Never used it, but for sure there was a patch for this

it’s quite old Android notifications | — Community Repository System

maybe there is newer version in online catalog for patch manager

is not for 64bit devices like my x10 II