Is it possible to flash 32bit version of Sailfish OS on Sony Xperia 10 II

Nothing less and nothing more than the title of the question or the question in the title.

I noticed that many apps I use are not supported by 64bit OS, so the question is if I can flash the 32bit.
Also if Android would work for its part as there are some apps that are important to me as well.
I have still not bought a license for the 10 II as I am evaluating it and unfortunately there are still some bugs affecting my use cases.

Clarification added: I was asking about ARM 32bit version

thank you in advance

No, it is not. Unless you make a new 32-bit port for that device.


@rinigus thank you

very sad - paid 350,- for a useless brick :frowning:

Could you please name some of those Apps that you are using? Maybe some forum colleagues can provide you alternatives.

I do not have a complete list and some of the apps are android and as mentioned I hesitate to pay for the license mainly because of the bluetooth not working properly, which is a show stopper for me.
So I am planning to allocate time to debug (again) and provide information so that someone can fix it as I did last time.
For now there is one app I am ashamed to name but if you ask it is Solitaire Games. Of course I can live without it, but I assume there are many others, so I am also trying to allocate time to go the list one by one. When I have it I will post it here and I am not interested in alternatives. The alternative for the Solitaire Games is soo ugly that I removed it immediately after I saw it.
I think it is a matter of time that most of it becomes available for the arm64 of aarch64 … I do not know exactly what is the case so I am praying every day my X may last that long.

thank you for the effort anyway

I’ll get solitaire working if I can, although Patience deck covers the same ground, doesn’t it? Which version of Solitaire was it?

Patience Deck | — Community Repository System and also in Jolla.

I have a bunch in a list at:

Let me know any that have source and I’ll try to ping them.

Thank you for the effort. If I find something I am missing, I will add to the list.

The Patience Deck is the ugliest and most user unfriendly one I have seen … this is what I installed and removed immediately.

For me personally, the issue with aarch64 is Hutspot, as it clearly isn’t in development anymore, so there’s no hope that it will come to aarch64 eventually

Such statement is very irritating. Building an OS is very challenging. You support the development when you buy a cheap license. Compare such costs with your behaviour in real live? I am sure there are situations where you pay for something with less value …

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no - you pay for something when you need it and in another place I got so p****ed that I was banned for one week from posting here.

Also 50€ is not little … even if I earn it in 1-2h. It is 1-2h of my life, Why should I pay it for a brick that lays around completely useless. I already payed 350 for that brick.

When I am sure it works I will pay the fee - might be also more. For the rest I am doing my best to support the community. With the 50€ I can buy i.e. a very good toy for my daughter, wife, sister etc.
But to please you, I will probably buy the license as soon as bluetooth works with the car audio. Until then the brick is useless. As I stated on the other place (where I got banned) I can not believe that in each release something is broken on top of something that was broken in the previous release.
Now I pay with my time to debug the issue and help solving it - amazing

Anyway keep the good mood and I keep mine :slight_smile: but do not tell me what to do please - your subjectivity is not welcome


i’ll give you 200 for it…

you are joking - I just said I spent 350,- on it and unfortunately I have not many options, but waiting and working so that issues are solved.
The X I use will day some day.

I have a mint-condition XA2 that I’m selling, and I was going to look for a 10 II… I need an official aarch64 device…

where do you live? we could exchange, but you still have to pay the 200 or I can think of 150 if the XA2 is really in good condition

I’m in eastern US (post too short)

oooh … this is very far away … I do not intend to go there soon. If you come over to Europe - Austria or Switzerland, let me know

ok - I just saw one on eBay for 300, open box. I could probably get 150 for my XA2, so…