Installation of Waydroid in Tama phones

Here it seems that is the easy way to understand how to be able to install Waydroid in Tama phones.

I might say that I havent been able to use it properly. Is missing some links and a bit better information of what to do.

Any help there that can say it more simple?

zypper install is very straightforward … look at

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thanks a lot @Levone1

After installation of waydroid, the USB port when connected to the computer , it will just charger , not even developed mode or MTP. Just saying that before installin Waydroid I was not even able to use MTP either.

Anybody successful with mobile data on Waydroid with 4.4?
Was working fine on 4.3, but buggy now…
Wifi is still good

I had a problem with mobile data on waydroid too in Germany with Vodafone in roaming. Now with Telekom sim mobile data is working.

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Haven’t seen any issues with mobile data and Waydroid combination. Would be “interesting” if it depends on local providers.

It was my first wonder, (except that it worked fine on 4.3). My provider uses proxy for apn setup, so maybe there’s something lost in the communication with Waydroid

It should work through local net from Waydroid to SFOS and then going on to SFOS net. Not direct connection, as far as I understand. Although, never researched it