Increase vollaphone root partition

I’ve installed sailfishos on my vollaphone and all works fine (thanks @piggz :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I would increase my root partition.
I don’t find hybris-recovery.img so I can’t use recovery mode for increase my lvm root partition Guide: Installing Sailfish X on Xperias -

Is it possible to find hybris-recovery.img for vollaphone ?

Or have you got an other way for increase my root partition ?

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The recovery image is here Show nemo:testing:hw:volla:yggdrasil / droid-hal-yggdrasil - SailfishOS Open Build Service

I’ve extract hybris-recovery.img from droid-hal-yggdrasil-img-recovery-4.9.248-1.aarch64.rpm and I will test it.