Imposible to upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2

i am trying to upgrade but seems imposible. I am using sfos update, sfos.upgrade and terminal. It doesnt get any update. Using 10II

is there anyone can help me with this ?

Is your Jolla account signed in properly?

There’s a link on the Zendesk I’ve found useful:
Installing an OS update fails (download worked) – Jolla Service and Support

If this doesn’t help can you give more details of any error messages.

pretty typical with SF updates… You need 1) a very stable and strong internet connection, (without any chance of interruption ), 2) knowledge of multiple different ways to update, (through Settings > Update, through ssu version --dup, through downloading the zip file and flashing, etc.), 3) lots of time and patience…
If you have all of those, and keep trying, eventually you will succeed.
I think one of the problems with updating through Settings is that the shown progress is not accurate. I think it’s actually doing more than it shows, but it looks like it’s stuck/stalled…

seems that it works with ssu re