Im joining, but confused - - 504


I’d Like to look for the guide to Install (First time) sailfish os on my new Xperia 10 III ( receiving tomorrow ).
My issue: references to the sailfish Installation Guide (*) result in Error 504. Also tried via mobile Internet. So where do i get the Guide from and why is this issue occuring?

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Unfortunately the page has not be saved at WayBack Machine et it’s unavailable using Google’s Cache.

Great that you’re joining @Akaziel. Welcome :grinning:

I’m also getting a 504 error from, it must be a glitch. I’ve asked internally about it, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

In the meantime, you should find instructions for how to install Sailfish on your Xperia 10 III inside the archive you downloaded from

With any luck the 504 will be fixed before your device arrives, but if not, you can use these instructions provided. And of course feel free to ask if any of the steps are unclear.

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Thank you for your fast replies !
Was a little bit worried, cus it has this state for some days o.o" .
Wish you the best!

I’m happy to say the site is back up now, so the instructions are available. I hope you have a smooth installation; enjoy!

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