I'm done!1! Thanks Jolla! (long)

I bought the Xperia X the moment SF became available. After two years it fell on the floor and broke. Thank you!!!

So I bought a XA2 and updated it ever since to 4.3. Once I had to reflash after messing around with incompatible patches.

No EA-Releases, no shady Google-Service stuff.

I use GPS on a daily basis, used my phone in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland with Android Messengers like Signal, Threema and Telegram, different VPNs and lots of apps on cheap Vodafone prepaid cards.

Everything works fine. Not flawless at any time. Some workarounds were needed from time to time. Sometimes reboots were needed.

But more or less it did the job.

But now I’m done! Thank you, Jolla!
I’ll change jobs soon and I won’t miss a thing. Especially not my iPhone.

Oh, no rant?
No «I messed things up but since I paid a small fee the company is guilty»?
No «My Phone is broken and it must be the OS»?
No «I use the same thing a couple of years and my life hasn’t changed for the better»?

Thanks Jolla.
And thanks to the community.



Excuse me, but isn’t the above the most classic, encyclopedic case of what W.I. Lenin vel Ulyanov called “useful idiocy”?

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Hi Wonko,

Why thank me for dropping your phone yourself?

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Dear @wetab73, while your reply tries to be (and partially is) intellectually splendid, IMO you just did not pass a simple “Do not feed the troll”-test. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, I agree :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll improve.

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And if we’re all lucky you’ll even learn to quote Lenin correctly before calling other people idiots.

I would really love to elaborate, but I’ve just promised not to feed you :mushroom:

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