I would like to make calls and video calls in Telegram. When will this be supported?

When will calls and video calls in Telegram and Wire be supported?


When somebody implements the features.


Considering sailfish doesn’t even have support for telegram chat right now, it’ll be a while.

What about S1p and Freeswitch in Storeman?
(I am a long term fan of Sailfish but not a dev).

It’s already on the “enhancements” list of Fernschreiber:

s1p indeed supports audio calls but using the SIP protocol, not Telegram.

You mean the operating system itself (without installing any apps) I guess?

Yes, I was one of the first who downloaded Fernschreiber. Looks promising, emoji’s work…
I already used Telegra’me by thebootroo. That is more mature of course, but calls are not supported. You can make a call within Telegra’me, but then the app directs you to your provider.

So it will not work within Telegram if you install S1p or Freeswitch?

s1p (and probably also FreeSwitch) does not support the Telegram protocol, so no, calling someone over Telegram won’t work. You can still copy the phone number and paste it into s1p, of course :grinning:

I’ve had success with official Telegram app for android. Video call worked without hickups.
But I assume that was not the original question here… just an input I wanted to say :slight_smile:

Thay’s right, recently Telegram made video calling possible. Before that I could already make calls with Telegram on my ipad. Wire has video calling too. But Jolla does not seem to support this in Sailfish.

with ipad: only on WLAN of course.

Oh, I’m sorry… that was pretty misleading…
While I said “for Android” … what I was trying to say was; I have used the Telegram Android version on my Sailfish!
(the official Telegram version I mean)
I downloaded it with the APKpure app store.

And the video calls work just super on my Sailfish XA2. Tested with SFOS versions and