I cant not even enter in a bank web site in the browser

Impossible to enter in a log in of my bank in the sailfish browser

Without letting us know the bank, account number, login and password there is nothing we can do :wink: :wink: :slight_smile:


Would you really rely on a mobile device browser which is using a so outdated engine that the only Discourse forum of the world (yes, exactly this forum here) this browser is able to display?
An engine that was/is also so widespread that attacking it or finding/using a flaw an attack would be efficient/profitable (like creating Trojans for Windows)?

In the very early days of Symbian and MicroB times yes, but with Sailfish never ever. I would (I hate to say that) even more rely on a Android browser then…

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Thanks for your words @peterleinchen . I was just checking the possibility, cause the app of that bank doesnt even able to use cause the app keeps redirecting me to a check web that says that my phone is root.
So it was just that, to check that stll are some problems with root device

So then the title of the topic is a bit misleading?