How to use remaining tablet refunds for Xperia license?

As far as I remember there was a possibility to use parts of the remaining Tablet refunds to purchase Sailfish X license.

There was that refund tool that allowed us creating a discount Code and I used that to purchase XA2 licence as far as I remember. Now I want to get a 10 III license and do it the same way, but that doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Do I remember wrong, is that option gone, can’t remaining refunds not be used for that anymore?

Try to contact their helpdesk. (zendesk)

I email thier help when my link didn’t work and the link was reactivated for me, now that x10 iii support is released i tried purchasing a voucher, which was successful but I have not yet received the email, so reopened ticket asking help. Fingers crossed it’ll be resolved asap and my x10 iii will be sailfished soon.