How to disable screenshot notification?

Hi! I’d like to disable system notification when I take a screenshot (by pressing volume keys at the same time). I know how to find my screenshots anyway and it’s anoying having to remove those notifications from events view on a daily basis. Am I missing the option to disable it or can it be configured by editing some file?

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Hmm, i thought they shouldn’t (and didn’t) stay in the notifications view. Wonder if it is entirely intentional.

You can edit or patch /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/volumecontrol/Screenshot.qml

Either remove the call to notification.publish() in line 47, or drop the urgency to something less important, either Notification.Low or Notification.Normal in line 63. (Note that these line numbers apply to SFOS 4.0, they might be different in other releases)

(Edit: source code snipped removed, it’s proprietary)

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Ok do I have to restart something after making these chances to make them apply?

You have to restart lipstick, that should be all. Of course rebooting may actually be quicker/easier depending on how much you like to do stuff on the command line, but it’s not required.

systemctl --user restart lipstick