How hard would it be to port Telepathy Morse to Sailfish?

How hard would it be to port Telepathy Morse to Sailfish so we have a native Telegram client?

The code is already written and is open source ( and is also built using Qt, so would any of the Sailfish developers or power users know how this could be ported to Sailfish?

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I believe the maintainer (Kaffeine) has already ported the project to Sailfish OS. See for building it yourself or you can install prebuild versions from the OBS, which goes something like this if I remember correctly:

  • Open the terminal on your device
  • devel-su # Become root
    ssu ar telepathy-testing-morse
    ssu ar telepathy-testing-mer-core
    pkcon refresh
    pkcon install telepathy-qt5 commhistory-daemon telegram-qt-qt5 telegram-qt-qt5-declarative sailfish-settings-accounts-extensions-telegram telepathy-morse

There’s also a Telegram group if you need any help or want to communicate with the developer.


Thank you very much, I shall look into this. Appreciated.

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