How do you set important reminders on your devices?


I have some very important things not to forget.
e.g, a cake for my mother-in-law birthday. :innocent:

On my previous phone (N900) I had a yellow sticky note where I wrote those things.
It was often in sight, as it was on the desktop.

Something readable in the left pane notifications would be great.
But I didn’t find anything although searching in a lot of descriptions in Jolla/Chum/Storeman.

How do you people do on Sailfish to write reminders for important things?


You can create an entry in calendar and set ‘Repeat’ to ‘every year’.

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For birthdays you can just add the date in peoples app

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I put most things in the calendar app: pay bills, do the laundry, phone mom, etc. The calendar events show in the notification area (presupposing showing calendar entries is activated, I think it’s possible to deactivate it). I usually start every day with the calendar app: “What am I supposed to do today?” The good thing is that I need to decide when to do things, and for how long. Things tend to get done then. The downside might be that the events disappear from the notification area when the date and time for the event is passed. Sometimes I do miss a note app that is visible in the notification area or that you could stick at the home screen; that stays there until I mark it ‘done’.

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I still use my Jolla 1’s for work (building works) and so I can just write stuff on the white Other Half (I have 2 of these), which cleans easily up with a drop of acetone. Finally, a real use for the Other Half, albeit analogue…just kidding, I use my M…me…ermmmm, mem…MEMORY!, that’s it, memory!, yeah…what was the question?


For classic reminders like birthday, appointments, etc. I use the default calendar. But gor everything else, like habits, things to accomplish each day, etc. I use the Habitica platform. And there is a “native” app in storeman.
I won’t expand on what is habitica, but it helped/helps me a lot. If interested, you can find infos on the website (it’s free and there is n international and sane community)


Haha, thanks guys, yes, memory would be the best. But sometimes it overflows…
@eson About birthdays, I’ve chosen the bad example. Indeed, peoples app does it great.
@Seven.of.nine @kuronoyurei ,This works but needs some clicks. Not as rapid as a desktop note. The “year” trick is a good workaround though.

So, no Post-il alike app ATM, right?
E.g. something which would write where/instead of Foreca weather summmary

A simple note app is jolla notes, but this lacks calendar reminder funtionality.
Install jolla notes, then select from the shortcuts in settings - top menu - write a note
You can now open the top menu en select note

+1 for calendars. They have the additional benefit that they can be synced online and work on multiple devices.

Personally I use a calendar for notifications / reminders, and the Notes app for generic notes like my shopping list.

Yes, thank you, this works for taking notes on. Though, it doesn’t display the reminder in a place where we always can see it.

I use Telegram and send a reminder to myself. Unfortunately this function is not present in Fernschreiber.

I have my own Nextcloud server, which I use also to host my calendars & various notes/reminders.
I access it mainly from my Sailfish phone and from my desktop (which has a rainlendar widget to show calendar + events + todos in a corner of the display).

I used Rainlendar years ago but I always hated the way it looked. Is there a way to add a nextcloud calendar to it? it only gives an option for g**gle

I had an Idea.
Could this be done to make kind of post-it notes often visible?:
The background “desktop” image could be edited in background e.g with Imagemagick.

  • Save the original
  • Write text (+some fancy post-it appearance) on the image
  • Reload the image on the “desktop” (how is that called correctly, already?)

Just a raw idea, of course. The surroundings have to be thought further but
Is that something or is it completely out of the way?


Rainlendar supports at least 8 types of calendars, and surely enough one of them is the CalDAV (which is what Nextcloud provides).

To be honest this is another topic where Jolla stripped functionality.
According to iCal format there is the possibility to store TODOs.
Unfortunately for unknown reasons Jolla decided that we do not need such feature like todo or notes. (and notes I mean notes managed by the framework)
In N9 I was able also to sync up my notes which can be stored in the iCal format as journals as well

TODO: 3.6.2. To-Do Component | iCalendar (RFC 5545) | RFC Specifications
JOURNAL: 3.6.3. Journal Component | iCalendar (RFC 5545) | RFC Specifications

Why did Jolla strip this? I feel crippled. Thanks God at least the calendar is still there :smiley: (with sarcasm)


On OpenRepos there is the application Tasks


I use Habitica too but you can’t set reminders for yourself (though maybe they’re exposed in the API?).

(Theoretical) To Do reminders are much more postpone-able than Calendar reminders. I’d like them to be very different.