How can I install collectd / systemdatascope?

rpm -ihv collectd-5.12.0.sfos.4-1.3.2.jolla.aarch64.rpm
I get dependencies I don’t know how to resolve them.
And with systemdatascope-0.5.2-1.5.2.jolla.aarch64.rpm I think I will get them too.
It would be nice if someone could tell me how to install those two packages.
(Sony 10 III,
Best regards, Uwe.

Just tried installing it from chum, installed fine. Chum-Gui is available here

@miau. Thanks for this hint. But now I’m lost again, since I do not know how to install sailfish-chum-gui. I can find only a sailfishos-chum-gui-rpmlintrc but not a normal rpm file…
Could you tell me how to install?
Best regards, Uwe.

Sorry, my fault. Just get it from openrepos.

@miau. Just found the rpm in Index of /obs/sailfishos:/chum/
Now I could install collectd and systemdatascope.
Thanks again for your hints.
Best regards, Uwe.