FOSDEM '22 suggestions

FOSDEM will be taking place virtually this weekend, 5-6 February.

Does anyone have suggestions for interesting, preferably Sailfish-relevant, presentations?


I don’t have any Sailfish related suggestions, but if anyone wants to meet up, I have a short talk myself and will probably be hanging out at the Matrix related stands before and after: FOSDEM 2022 - Custom Stickers and Emotes in Matrix!

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  • “Challenges for Open-Source in a close-source mobile world” about all the obstacles you are encountering, e.g. mobile networking, phone firmware etc.
  • Or about the challenges to get a sustainable financing model

To give, or (presumably) to listen to?

@sebix That question applies to you too. :slight_smile:

Yes, my original question was meant to be about interesting things to listen to or visit (i.e. things from this list). Apologies for my lack of clarity!

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To answer my own question, for browser development I think the Firefox onboarding talk could be really interesting and useful. And I’m now looking forward to watching @KuroNeko talk about Stickers :slightly_smiling_face: .


What would be looking for from Jolla.

Interesting suggestions @sebix, and thanks also for clarifying. I’ll have to keep your ideas in mind for the future.

I’m looking forward for the Ada track Sunday if I could free myself to attend it online.

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Maybe FOSDEM 2022 - UnifiedPush about OSS push notifications

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