Editing files on encrypted device

I’m trying to modify .desktop files on an encrypted device. Whether I use ssh or directly on the terminal the file appears blank in nano. Is this something to do with encryption? The phone is an xperia x. I did the same thing on an xa2 with no problem. TIA

Isn’t the encryption only for the home partition?

This blanking of files I noticed also when a patch is applied on that file.

…and surely encryption is only for data, not the actual OS? Anyway, I changed attribute chattr -i and that solved the problem, but why was it immutable in the first place? Can I change the title of this topic to something like “Immutable system files on Xperia X”?

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Encrypting is “automagically & transparently” decrypted when the device is running, so ssh’ing to it is same as using from terminal, you do not even notice it is encrypted.

A totally different thing is if you connect to the rescue console of an encrypted device, then you will not be able to do anything before decrypting the filesystem.