Double Tap On XA2 - Sailfish X (

Hi Guys.

Just bought an XA2, and flashed Sailfish X with success.

Wanna ask if someone used the trick for douple tab on XA2 for a long time, and can say if battery/screen are still working normally ?

Thanks in advance.
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You get better battery life without it activated. I am not even sure if XA2 has the double tap feature or if its only the X.

You are right.
I never got it activated on the XA2. I made all those hacks and sometimes when screen is going from whatever state to whattheheck state I do see the dimming and only then the double tap works to ‘wake’ it. Else it just does not work! Battery life? No idea…



Not sure which trick you mean, but did you try mce-tools?

Double tap on XA2? Forget it, not really supported.

Did you mean, for example

Still the same in 2020. With all the hacks, the battery drains dramatically. Only the Jolla legacy like the J1, C can do that properly.


Thanks for all anwsers.
I believed it was possible to use it still.
Sad, it was a very cool feature.



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A shame as it was / is one of the best features.
Annoying as well as the bad camera (even HW is that good).


“…going from whatever state to whattheheck state…” - made me laugh hard, great description ! :rofl: thank you!


How about double-tapping the fingerprint sensor twice, instead of tapping the display?
That works for me. It is easy to get using the phone in that way.

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does not work here. At least without any fingerprinting thing set up (won’t do until there is an easy way to reset your finger’s fingerprint).