Do you regularly update?should i update?

i recently installed Sailfish,i suppose i’m on the latest version.
every thing works absolutely fine.
why should i risk breakage?
i suppose security updates are on the line,new features,bug fixes etc.
maybe i should update every few releases after checking thoroughly every thing works fine?but that wouldn’t be an indication since i see people with issues,while being on the same release i’m on.

I am sorry, maybe language translation on my side, I’m not sure to get your question :worried:

do you advise on regularly updating,is it really needed?,or only if I’m missing a feature,or something doesn’t work right.

From what I read, in addition to some new features one can like/need or not, there are some security improvements.
I am not knowledgable enough to appreciate them technically but I interpret their need as “Adopt them if you don’t want to be pirated”. Dunno if I am right.
I personally began SF at I reflashed for .15 and also for 4.4.
However, users having problems with upgrading (instead of flashing) are probably a small minority.