Do the settings for VPN also support 2FA?

Hello, do you support 2FA for VPN? Some services such as ProtonVPN already offer it.

I was just about to ask what the use case for 2FA is for those anonymizing VPNs, because it doesn’t make any sense.
(For logging in to an actual private network it makes sense, but that’s another story)

But it turns out they don’t in fact have it for connections…

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There are Sailfish Apps such as SailOTP and Foil Auth that can generate the OTP required where you have enabled 2FA in services like ProtonMail.

Indeed, I saw the quote myself 2 minutes too late i.e. after I had posted. I apologize for this one, consider it resolved.
By the way, as luck would have it, I did try these 2 OTP apps today. Foil works just fine but SailOTP failed to recognize my QR codes, has this happened to you?