Do i need to delete old package cache in order to gain space?

in the linux Distro i use on my PC,after an update,there are copies of all the packages i have downloaded.
(i can also choose the number of versions of each package to keep.)

i short, when i run paccache -rvk0 I’m able to free Gigabytes of Data from my hard drive.

i was wondering if it’s possible or necessary in sailfishOS too,or is it being taken care by the OS after an update was made?

Most likely: No.

I have updated my previous Xperia X since 2018 with the originally flashed 2.2 version and I never had to clean out my phone on the main partition.

You can download the from Collecting basic logs from a Sailfish device to check the folder sizes (along with plenty of other information)

If you have a failed update you can clean out that update with the instructions from here:

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today trying to update to;
i downloaded the update,chose “install”,it rebooted twice but didn’t update.(still showed under “About”)
i redid the same procedure successfully this time.
it doesn’t seem like a failed update according to the article you linked to.

What weird behavior. Surely that is not needed for more normal distros or Sailfish.

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it seems legitimate to me;
it downloads the new packages > updates the OS,and leave those behind :“in case you have to install older packages in an emergency”.e.g. downgrade a package.

i could chose not to keep any copies of these packages,or keep up to 5 versions of them.
it’s like a temp folder i assume.

so my question is,where does the 500Mb± download of the Sailfish OS update goes?; is being cleaned automatically or does it needs my intervention?

The “> 500 MByte download” for a SailfishOS upgrade via Jolla’s GUI tool (Settings → Sailfish OS updates) is “cleaned away”, when SailfishOS has been successfully upgraded.
For failed SailfishOS upgrades via Jolla’s GUI tool, see the last paragraph of @emva’s post above.

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Manjaro user here (Arch derivative). pacman keeps the current package and two previous versions in the package cache by default. This makes it rather trivial to “undo” an upgrade, and as long as you have enough space, it’s a very nice feature to have :slight_smile:

As said above, Sailfish doesn’t cache the packages after installation, so no manual cleanup is needed there.