Display of call/message actions in contact app in flight mode

Without flight mode enabled the contact page in the contact app shows the call and message button prominently, which is comfortably.

Having flight mode enabled the contact page in the contact app instead only shows the number without these buttons, which is fine, as this is not possible in flight mode. Sometimes there is also a small and rather unobtrusive message at the top that the flight mode is active, which disappears. Tapping on the place where the call button normally is only yields a menu with edit and copy actions

I suppose to enhance this design to make it more obvious that the call/message actions are not available in flight mode, e.g. with a clear message stating that flight mode is enabled offering to disable it? And hiding the menu with the copy/edit buttons, which only confuses the user.


I do support this change request.
I was once too ‘dumb’ to understand the logic and thought of a quirk or bug of peoples app or my fiddlings or patches (see how far you brought us?).
Until I noticed I was still in flight mode.
So please change this, please.

Is this now a bug?
Or belongs into design category?

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As there is no (feature) request section I have put it here. I am open for suggestions for better places.

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