Digital wallet apps

A question. Is it relatively “easy” for someone to develop an app like this (enter your credit/debit card and pay with NFC from your phone) or it is a task that will require all sort of permissions from banks/credit card companies and the lot.

It seems to me that only big players are involved. (Apple pay, Google pay, Samsung pay etc).


No that would mean it would be equally easy to clone cards, or get beyond contactless spending limits on stolen cards etc. And even if you could do that, it would probably be illegal in many jurisdictions.
The “big players” have deals with the card issuers and contracts setting up mutual trust in their respective security measures.
I believe Google Pay emulates a temporary/linked card at the time of purchase, and forwards the charges your actual card. More info here

Covering the risk of various fraud cases and just dealing with all the legislation basically limits this to big players.

Sidenote: I wanted access to my bank’s PSD2-mandated API, but no, i need to be a business with a business plan.

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I remember the native telegram client dev (cant even type that name) mentioning that it was “impossible” to use the PSD2 api for his banking app.

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Aaah, don’t get me started on this. I was so looking forward to being able to access my own data and transactions using an API, even if only read-only access, and to make nice scripts and programs to track my expenses.

But no, I still have to do a cumbersome login and go through an awkward website form to download stuff in a crappy ancient format.

I’ve been fuming about this for years.