Control charge current

Hello everyone!

Is there a way or an app to control maximum charge current?

I have an older powerbank. Connecting my Xperia10II to the 2A output port starts charging for a few seconds, with message popup on screen. About three seconds later the indicator on powerbank goes off and the charging stops. I think the internal overcurrent protection trips and turns off the output until replugging. So I think there is an incompatibility with signaling the capabilities.
Other Android phone charges without problem on same cable.

There is certainly no GUI tool at the moment.

Depending on device there might be something like

and others.
I cannot tell you whether they can achieve what you want though.

BUT, be very very careful playing around in sysfs, there’s great chances of messing something up, and a messed up battery-firmware is not fun.

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Battery Buddy doesn’t have this functionality yet, but it’s on the list. Maybe I’ll kick it up a few notches and get it done, now that there is a use case where it would be crucial to have.

AFAIK the current limiter acts after a delay of a few seconds, so it may or may not be enough in your case no, matter if you do it manually or programmatically. Only one way to find out :slight_smile:


@nephros There are enough other issues. Because of your warning I will not try to mess up my device during my holidays abroad :wink:

Because the powerbank worked with XperiaX a two years ago via MicroUSB and also works with my girlfriends Xperia, running on stock Android, I think it is an software issue.
But I don’t have enough information for a bug report, so no luck for a solution this time…