Cannot start Build Engine

As per title. This is a major problem with the latest SDK. I get caught in a loop with trying to start the Build Engine, it never starts. I have removed and reinstalled the SDK and I still have the same problem, Yet again, I am spending more time trying to get this to work than I do using it. While I’ve been typing this, I am still looking at “Connecting to the Sailfish SDK build engine virtual machine” but nothing is happening…oh wait!, what?, 4 minutes to start the build engine after at least 15 minutes of trying, I forget why I fired it up now, sigh. So pointless and frustrating. Any help, or no?, other than “yeah, leave mate”.

I almost forgot, now I have the Build Engine running, I am in the same position with stating QMLLiveBench, it takes forever to start or sometimes it just does not start. How am I meant to use this?, this is all very, very frustrating.

If you’re on Windows with VirtualBox, maybe downgrade VB to a previous version if it’s related to this: Installing SDK on Windows : bash.exe cannot find ssh-keygen.exe - #8 by martyone

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Thanks @orangecat, that worked!