Bootloader Unlocked Allowed – No on XA2 Pus


Im in possesion of almost new XA2 Plus with 6GB of RAM!
I think it would be unique SFOS Device. Ive read somewhere that unlocking bootloader on such device is possible. Is there somebody who can do that?

What do you mean? That’s literally part of the regular installation process for Sailfish OS.

No, some devices had protection against such process. Some bootloaders aren’t unlockable in standard sony generated code:
The ##7378423*#*# gives me: Bootloader Unlocked Allowed – No

That’s an entirely different thing - and you didn’t say that.
Also do remember that there is the setting in Android developer mode menu, was it not available for you?

Wasn’t at first, but when I set password (PIN), and try another day option wasn’t grayed and I was able to turn it on. The code above gave same result though and another try of unlocking by sony generated code was unsucessful

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You could try to flash an unbranded firmware to the phone using xperifirm and newflasher.

Doesnt that require bootloader to be unlocked?

It could be possible to flash an unbranded firmware with newflasher without unlocking the bootloader.