Bootloader unlock problem XA2 H3113

Remote: ‘Command not allowed’
I have followed these instructions:

Have even succeeded two weeks ago with another device.
Bootloader unlock allowed: Yes
What could I check in addition?
Thx, Eko

If carried out procedure before I am sure that you remembered to “Allow OEM unlocking” in developer mode upon XA2 itself.

Also, try different fastboot version, different cable/port, reboot phone/computer, etc… Not uncommon to see fastboot be finicky. I unlocked my XA2 bootloader with my X Compact usimg adb/fastboot module in Magisk repo…

Thanks both of you! There really was one more switch in the developer menu to turn. Now I can continue my 8th year with Sailfish and say goodbye to Jolla1.

We have a help article for troubleshooting problems with the bootloader and with flashing Sailfish. The checklist in it may help to find the problem.