Best current hardware running Sailfish

Hi there,
as my Intex is now weekly dying a bit more… and all repair efforts don’t really help anymore I’m now thinking to buy a neew phone.
But I don’t know which…
I would like to have a device with Sailfish out of the boy but since this is not available I can’t really decide between:

  • one of the Sonys a 10 or 10+ or better wait for 10 II??
  • Gemini?
  • Pine?
  • or another Linux Brand?

What is the community’s best advice?

What do you guys think?
Thanks for any input


Best currently is the XA2.
The 10 and 10 + suffer from battery life issues still.


See “[Wiki] Available devices, plus rumored and legacy devices, running Sailfish OS” at TJC for details.


Thanks for the info, is this just an issue with the Sailfish port or also with Android in general?

Thanks for the link but I want also some experiences the list with values is at the moment somehow like an empty promise since I can’t verify it.

I bought an XA2 Ultra for just that reason. I couldn’t get a hold of an XA2 Plus with better ram and storage…

Personal opinion matters.

I am using XA2 (dual SIM) because of its size!
And have a (still new :wink: ) XA2+ with more RAM and storage in the drawer because of its size. Same with gemini.
If size does not matter I recommend one of those. Or even better: FxTec Pro1

And see leszek’ advice.

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I always used JP1 (three in succession)and went to XA2 Plus last year - I am absolutely satisfied. Double tap, Metasploit, Wireshark doesn’t work, but everything else is just great ^^


Just a note. The best HW running SFOS is not the same as the best supported HW running SFOS. :wink:


XA2 Plus runs very stable now, and has huge battery life. The biggest drawback is the scarce flash storage space. If you can get hold of a 64 GB one it would be great.

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best current hardware running Sailfish I would say is any of the tama family devices, i.e. XZ2*, XZ2* compact, XZ3*.

I mark them with an asterisk as they are not officially supported by Jolla, i.e. no MS Exchange, no AD, check

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Yes the FxTec Pro1… I forgot about that… but the price is too high… 718€ and waiting time up to 12 weeks and also European Version not available…
for 400€ I would propably do it… but I need a phone faster unfortunately

Battery life on XA2 isn’t great at all - one day maximum even if you don’t use the device…


Battery life on my XA2 is a bit of a mixed story. Using Wifi and 4G can drain the battery a bit faster than I would like. I hardly ever use Wifi now, only on major Sailfish updates. I only use 4G when I use the device, there is even an automatich switcher app for switching between 2G, 3G and 4G.

Overall I am really happy with the XA2. Been using it now for a year, after 5 years on a Jolla 1. Firefox is much faster, as is the rest of the system.

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Thanks to everyone for the good info and the the wiki contributors for the very useful wiki page. I have the same question but in my case, I will not do business with Sony (a personal decision I made after the unforgiveable Sony Rootkit which I have stuck with ever since).

So, as my Jolla C is becoming flaky, which is the best non-Sony hardware for sailfish? The wiki list is great but does anyone have a recommendation from their own experience?

I think you would need to specify if there are things you “need” or desire. Wanting to use Android apps would make that list suddenly quite short :slight_smile:

Also, I too have hesitations about buying from Sony. I bought my XA2 secondhand. You could still argue that resale value for Sony devices might go up, but other than that, I don’t see any money from me flowing to Sony.

@Cryx: I get more than two days from the XA2 with moderate use - so something must be wrong with your’s. Or maybe it is GPS (which I only use occasionally) or Bluetooth (Typically switched off on my XA2)

I thought about that too. I have same other problems (with audio codecs since Rokua update killed alac first, reinstalling the codec killed the camera app, and reinstall camera killed the codec again…), but Bluetooth and GPS us usually on knowing that this causes extra battery drain. And I remember there was a problem with WiFi battery drain from the beginng of Sailfish X for XA2 which isn’t really solved up to now.

The Wifi problem was serious, initially, but is solved by now. Wifi is constantly on with my XA2 and nevertheless the battery lasts more than two days (if I am not playing with a flight simulator Android app). But I agree, so far any device and any version of SFOS had/has it issues - like other Android or iOS devices.

Just for size comparison here are XA2, XA2Plus & XA2Ultra side by side: