Behaviour of option Allow untrusted software

What should the behaviour of the option Allow untrusted software be?
For instance, if I enable it and install Chum or Storeman and then disable the option Allow untrusted software. What should logically happen?

Still allow installation of software from Chum or Storeman or block them?

Because currently, once Chum or Storeman is installed and the option Allow untrusted software is set to false you still can install software from there.

My expectation was that it wouldn’t allow new repositories to be added. But that is possible as well. It might be about installing rpm files, or installing from a not added repository (don’t know if that is even possible)?

My experience with that is, if untrusted apps are not allowed, i can only install apps from Jolla store.
To install apps from OpenRepos/Storeman, Chum, or even the Storeman app itself, untrusted software has to be allowed.