Battery life in Verla

Sorry for all those “is it just me…” topics, but is it just me who’s feeling that battery started to drain faster in Vёrla compared to Kvarken? I remember thinking back in the day (actually just about a month or two ago), wow, two days and it’s still going strong. Now after the upgrade it seems I need to plug Experia Mark Two in to charge more often. Maybe it’s an expected feature due to some software optimizations, who knows. Or maybe I’m imagining it.

There is one of these threads after every update. Nothing ever comes of it, few people are affected, and often marginally at that.
I’d chalk it up to network, usage patterns, apps etc, at least more than the update itself.


Nah, those haven’t changed at all. I noticed it right away actually. The phone is mostly idling, that’s how I measure.