Battery issues xperia X


The battery from my Xperia X was getting worse and worse. This was to be expected because of the age of the battery, and the countless times I drained it to 0%. So I bought a new battery from ebay, opened the X up, cursed about all the glue in there, but got the battery replaced. And it seemed to be working.
However, battery life now is even worse, and more irritating: very unreliable.

  • It could suddenly start beeping(shutting down beeps) when there is something like 60% battery left.
  • It then starts to shut down almost immediately(but it seems: cleanly).
  • It charges up until 97%(never 100%), but it does so rather quickly it seems.
  • I see large differences between “powered off” battery level en “sailfish powered on” battery level. Except when it’s fully charged, then its at 97%.

I tried charging it to full when powered off. No improvement.

It’s like as if 97% is in reality more like 30%-50%, but I have no idea on how to fix this.
Someone with a smart idea on how to fix this?

Thank you in advance!


Looks like you bought a shit battery. I suggest you replace it again, the hard part of removing all that glue has been done.

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