Backup and then Restore onto new Phone

Dear all,

How does the backup/restore process work when I need to transfer everything to a new phone?

I broke the screen of my Xperia 10ii (running sailfishOS 4.3) so I need to back up everything (including Android apps if possible), and then restore everything onto my new Experia 10 iii (running saifishos 4.4 :wink: )

How do I go about this?
Does the backup also include the applications, or do I first need to install them, and then restore the backup?

And for Android applications?
How can I backup/restore the apk of an installed app, so that I get back version 2 of Here We Go, instead of having to install the new version 4?

Best Regards

I’m quiet new to Sfos. But from the reported issues occurring after updates and all what I read, If I’d change device AND OS version, I’d flash the new OS and import my data manually (because backup seems not to save everything e.i manually created calendars categories).
It’s a bit a hassle but in my impression, the only way to have a clean system.

That way, if you encounter problems, you will be able to ask for help and report issues.
Other-ways, everything is mixed and causes are much more difficult to determine.
bout Android, I have no idea, as not using it.
Just my 2 cents though, old masters may have some easier solutions.