Asha devices with touchscreen


I am wondering if there is any possibility to flash Sailfish to Nokia Asha devices? I have Asha 501 with touchscreen laying arround and this super compact phone wpuld be amazing with Sailfish.

Right now it is running “sort of Meego system”.

Sort of meego? What does that mean? Screen shots?
If it’s the basic dev “Asha” , they had some sort of symbian on them or do I recall wrong?

The specs are beyond terrible. Not a chance to get it to do something useful under SFOS.

It was running Asha software 1.4. It was inspired by MeeGo. It is quite nice handset.

Yeah, that’s what I thought, but wasn’t planned something like Sailfish for feature phones?

“Sort of MeeGo” means, some sort of S40 with the pretty icons from N9. In addition to that Asha 501 seems to have lowly 64 megabytes of ram, I’m pretty sure that’s not enough for Sailfish.