Any X-perts Here?

Probably not, since we sailors are X-less by default, but I’ve been experimenting with getting X programs built and running natively on SF, by building some deps and by symlinking to libs in my lxc container rootfs’. So far, I can get Suckless Terminal to build, and, if I have my Debian lxc desktop window open, I can get it to open in the container, in my SF home directory, (so it’s like having xfce desktop env for SF fs)…

Also, by using the Xwayland bin that is built during container creation, I can get a blank X window on Sailfish directly, and then launch st to open there…

Problem there, as you can see, is no keyboard. So, finally, my question, for any X expertd:

Is there any chance of getting Sailfish keyboard to open and work in that X window?

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That’s amazing!
Do X-based apps like xskat work as well, e.g. are button actions recognized?
Maybe an X11-based keyboard could do the trick for you?

I can use OnBoard when the container is active, and I could even mount SF home to Debian home, and use it that way. I’m more interested in figuring oit how to use an X app natively on Sailfish, (if possible).

Got kitty working…

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