Another early access release (after upcoming :)

In the IRC this morning it was mentioned that there will be another early release coming before there will be a public release.

This means more new developments and fixed issues to test before a public release.

Quote: #info Summary of discussion: ESR60 is progressing. 3.4.0: fixable niggles should warrant another RC, 64bit support is experimental, new “Store debug symbols to home partition” setting in Developer tools should ease future updates (those devs still on 3.3.0 can helped themselves to zypper rm *debug[si]*)


I am all in for it!


Considering how this release breaks a whole slew of existing apps (anything using python sqlite bindings) without allowing the devs to “fix” it properly they had better.


Just curious : why aren’t those apps depending on the python3-sqlite package? If they were that breakage wouldn’t have happened as it is still in the repos and installable.

Was that package considered a system package you weren’t allowed to depend on?

EDIT: Ah I saw your analysis in the bug report. It’s now a separate package from python3 AND not allowed as a dep in harbour. A conundrum.

Let’s hope this will be handled better than the cutes-js situation.

On a positive note, this shows the EA process is working as intended in a way.


It has been promptly added as allowed dependency yesterday, see



is true. And valid as well for the lcms package, iirc. (needed for xplanet)

I just cannot see that such obviously useful and used/needed packages get lost during an upgrade!?

After the early access release of and looking at the many issues that are still open, I think it is wise to have another early access release AFTER before there will be a public release.