Android Settings keeps running

In lighthouse app I can see 2 settings app running. One is from sailfish os which I always keep open. The other is Android Settings ( Is there any way to close this one? And is this a bug in

Seems to be running on XA2 with 3.4. too. Crest doen’t show it on apps listing even settins open, but all processes show it even after I close android settings.

Other processes i can stop by opening their corresponding app settings page. for instance, if whatsapp keeps running even after swiping down, go to settings → apps → whatsapp → stop. only the android settings i cant stop. any solution for that?

Maybe it’s intentional and way android runtime woks. :thinking: On my phone after starting it there are about dosen of prefixed processes.

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It is not a process actually. It is an app that is running.

Stop Android App Support.

As another note, I tested this with Lighthouse too and does’t show in Applcations list whether it’s opened or not.

But i need some Android apps to be running. So i cant stop the app support. also, have a look at the next comment by @mSorvisto it doesnt show in his lighthouse.

Now that is weird. Can someone else confirm the same. Or am i doint anything wrong here with Android App Support?

How are you so certain Lighthouse can tell applications and other processes (e.g. background processes from said apps) apart perfectly?

I am uncertain. Thats why i am seeking help from you guys.

I wouldn’t think much of it, and at not let it worry me unless it consumes any resources.
There are bigger fish to fry.

@bane07 I cannot really help you other than saying you’re doing nothing wrong with Android Support, it can happen :wink:

In my case also Opera comes uninvited to the list as soon as I start AAS, even after a fresh reboot.
Resources: when i took the screenshot memory usage was 42% on my xa2. As I killed AAS it went down to 7%.
Reasonable? Maybe. AAS by itself uses quite some memory.
I am lucky enough to live with AAS off most of the time. Nevertheless when I see android apps doing stuff, i kinda get nervous… Sailfish apps may do whatever they like :slight_smile:

Rightly said. My worry is the CPU Usage and battery drain if that settings app keeps running. I wouldn’t bother otherwise. As far as i have experienced until now, there is no visoble battery drain or slugggishness because of this.