Alarm Clock improvements

Someone might want to put this in a more appropriate category.

There are some good features of the Alarm Clock in Android that I miss now that I have jumped aboard.

  1. I want to be able to set the volume specifically for the alarm clock. I sleep in the same room as my wife and youngest son. I rise 2 hours before them and would not want to wake them up. I put the phone on flight mode on my bed side table and don’t need all that sound to wake me up. Please make it possible for a specific volume for only the alarm and make that volume override all other sound settings (but just for the alarm).

  2. If possible, extend the above feature so that it is possible to set a different volume on each alarm.

  3. Make it possible to choose different alarm sounds on different alarms.

Any other features you all are missing?



There is a patch for that, search for alarm clock. You can then change the sound volume :slight_smile:


Would you give me some more info about that? Where do I search for it? Why is it not in the original app?

Here is the patch. You need the patchmanager and then you can install it.

Why this simple function is not implemented by Jolla, i don’t know, but for me the alarm clock on 100 % was way too much, i use it at 80 %. You will have the possibility to change that in clock settings after installing the patch :wink: