Ability to remove notification from the Notification screen - solved

So right now there’s no way to remove notification from the notification screen. The only way to do this it to click on the “missed call” or “new message” that will open relevant app and then this notification will be removed. Or I can remove all of them.
This is not enough. There should be a way to remove just a single notification directly from that screen.

sorry I don’t know the exact name for that part of SFOS so I used the term “notification screen”. Hopefully you’ll understand.

Solved by this post.

You can swipe them away, if you tap the symbol in the right top first


thaaaaaaank yooouuuu!

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how? I don’t see any such option. @pherjung already tagged it as fixed.

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oh, okay, looks like i was miss it )

You can also mark @davidrasch answer as a solution, or?

no I can’t. There’s no such option like with other threads.

I also don’t fully understand which threads have a solution checkbox and which have none. But you can edit your thread title with ‘- solved’ at the end or 'Solved: ’ at the beginning and edit your initial post with ‘solved by … in post # …’.

Hmm. That’s a bit strange. @vige shouldn’t a feature request also have a ‘solved’ flag for responses?

Mmh, usually solved and fixed sounds similar. Actually, the best should be to close the topic. In any way, the end is the same.

then please do close it cause again I don’t see such option.

Long-press on any notification does the same thing btw

That’s not how we envisioned the category to be used, back in the day. But sure, why not.

Now it should be possible to mark a reply as a solution.