A different sound: Thank you!

I’m not an active poster on this forum. Many people here can help other people better than me, and many people have the same problems as me, so I don’t really feel the need to post here, but I read the forum regularly.
Lately, I notice a lot of negativity and complaining on this forum. Maybe it’s unfair of me, but that’s just the feeling I get lately.
I agree Sailfish has some issues, some of them a little bit annoying. But overall, Sailfish is a system I happily use, more so than any other system I used before I got to know it. So, Thank you, to all developers and contributors who read this. You are amazing people.


Thank you for speaking up and making our forum a nicer place.


Yes, thank you for putting the emphasis on the positive. I experience almost only positive things with the people in this space!