403: Permission denied when trying to download Sailfish X

I’ve registered last week to test the free version on my Xperia XA2.
But when i try to download, i got the “403: Permission denied”.
I tried login/logout a few time and wait for some days but it’s the same.
Can you help ?

do you try to download from https://shop.jolla.com/downloads/ ?

You should really get in touch with Jolla directly.


Thanks for the link, i’ll try that.

I also have the issue that the downloads page is not reachable when connected via my WIFI router, but strangely it works from my Sailfish device using the mobile connection.

We have now a fix for the problem. The fix is already deployed in Jolla Shop.
Could you try to test this out and let us know how it works, please?


It’s working perfectly now, thanks

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