[4.3.0] Lost Passwords, Email Accounts, VPN, Faulty at all ends

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FWIW, not backing up passwords (that would be in plaintext) is intended functionality.
The app hints go away after an occurrence or two…
If you are writing through a translator, it seems some words “leaked”.

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While for sure i wouldn’t word it the same way the backup experience on SFOS is quite a horrid thing and is something that needs to be reconsidered.

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I think you misunderstood me. I have lost accounts and passwords during daily use. I have better things to do than re-enter my accounts every time. Working accounts were also marked as faulty. Passwords were asked although they were saved…
On a reflashed phone, come on people. You can censor it, but this does not make it better.

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As much as I am sympathetic to your frustration with your device (or the quality of Jolla’s software, for that matter), I oppose the idea of formulating a bug report like a rant.


I actually can sympathize with you. I have literally thrown my phone through the room once because of one of the stupid quirks SFOS has and I yelled at the screen multiple times.

Despite this, please do not frame moderation as censorship.
That’s simply not what it is. Insulting people is not ok, be there thousands of bugs in a bad piece of software or not.
Be constructive. That is a fundamental principle necessary to keep the community working.
Venting is something everybody needs at some point. But this forum is not the place to do it in such a verbal way.

I am sure that you will find the solution with the help of the community.
So a suggestion from me:

  • take a breath :wink:
  • search for the problems if maybe bug reports, workarounds or even solutions already exist
  • describe what your problem actually is (it’s not clear from your OP)
  • post any issues or bugs separately (e.g. one for your mail account issues, one for failed backup restore, etc.)

a honest ‘good luck!’ from me


Thanks for your post. I set up my Android phone today, I need some distance. Is also better for the forum ;). Maybe I’ll get back on version 5. Sailfish progress is good to see, but basic functions must be solid.

I’l be back :smiley: