[][Xperia 10ii] Copying a file in my /data/media/obb folder "broke" the Android App Support ["fixed"]

Gd morning ppl!

Today I created a folder in
and copied an .obb file in order to make one of my android apps work (I am not pirating or anything, I just copied my files from BlueStacks, which I use only for ripping my purchased apps).

After this operation, Android App Support does not respond to ANYTHING.
I deleted the new folder and file, restarted Android App Support and the device, but problem is still there.

Does this have anything to do with tampering and security?
And if yes, is there any work-around?

== EDIT ==
My bad.
Used the wrong obb folder.
Android app obb files should be placed in
(app still does not respond, seems to load endlessly, but OK, every problem makes you stronger) :sweat_smile: