[][][] No notification sounds (ringing, SMS, alarm)

ngfd was running for me:

And there’s nothing mentioning ngfd in journalctl -xe output.

Please add into the list.
It just happened today that notifications and ringing stopped working. After rebooting all sounds are back again.
I had this on the Intex Aquafish at random, then on the Sailfish X with it never happens. I will use the X on for now. I need a reliably working daily driver.

This is another issue to piss me off. @Jolla do you hear me? :slight_smile: please take it seriously - take time to get things stable

If you need volume in the number of complaints scribble me down as one seeing this on / Xperia 10 Plus. Please fix., still happening. It’s been over a year since I first noticed this bug, what’s going on?

Happened to me as well with no audible alarm, and also no vibration. At the same time my fingerprints where lost and had to be re-enabled through the usual sailfish-fpd procedure.
Don remember if I restarted or restarted homescreen to get back again.
Xperia 10 II w/

I get the same symptoms from time to time. The fact that ngfd is still running is not all. It might have been deadlocked already.

Usually, when I miss notifications, or vibrations, ngfd is using 100% of cpu and some very long time after it crashes / gets restarted.

I can feel that 100% as the phone gets hotter.

Even after adding -vvv to the ngfd service command, I am not sure what is triggering this.

I have the exact same problem with my newly flashed Xperia 10 III.