[ but also earlier] Faint browser overlays appear outside the browser app

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): almost daily
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): Xperia X
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): not as often / not as visible as in the latest version.

DESCRIPTION: When using the browser’s tab view, there is an overlay of the last active page (like this: https://postimg.cc/wtxC7W9c). However this overlay seems to ‘leak’ (in much more transparent/faint version) into outside the browser.
Fe. in this photo of a top-down menu (in the photos app) - https://postimg.cc/nM6f0Y1p - the YouTube logo is still visible over the menu (it also shows over any photos!). Most often it’s logos and UI items that appear faintly on the top of the display, but it can also appear as page elements like boxes or layout elements that appear over any display (here a white border is visible over my background picture: https://postimg.cc/p90g8DTN.

In it seems to be getting worse; I am now sometimes getting white boxes (from other browser tabs or the same tab before entering fullscreen) behind YouTube videos (in fullscreen) as well.


PRECONDITIONS: Happens seemingly randomly, and sometimes the faint overlays show long after the browser is closed.


STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Open browser and several tabs, YouTube seems especially prone to this. Especially after swiping thrue comments, going to full-screen video and back. Then swipe to other apps, and look at the background over pull-down menus etc. Sometimes it’s very hard to notice, sometimes (depending on the background colors) very visible and the newest form, where the overlays may appear over played video, is somewhat obtrusive.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The faint ghosting does not save into screenshots, only shows on the display.

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I can confirm this behaviour also on Xperia X and in previous versions of the OS.

It seems as this image retention issue relates to a hardware defect that is known to impact Xperia X displays. I’ve owned three Xperia X’s running Sailfish–one of them developed ghosting after a year of use similar to what you describe, while my two others remained unaffected. For me, the ghosting appeared when the device started to heat up from intensive processor use. It went away as the device cooled back down.

I have this on my Xperia X, too, across several OS versions - but I agree that a hardware issue is the most likely explanation.

Huge shame if that’s a hardware issue. However I feel it’s somewhat worse in, I can’t remember it being this bad on YouTube before (now even a bright white parts within the videos sometimes leave ghosting).

(Ok, did some reading and apparently it’s somewhat known problem, and seems to get worse as the display ages, bummer :frowning:)